Infamous for sending barely-worn clothing into closet purgatory, Danielle Ow & Marjolyn Dimapilis didn’t know what to do with their worn-once-and-never-again clothes. What started out as a small birthday party theme in 2008, turned into one of Vancouver’s best bi-annual clothing swaps.

The concept behind the name Once Loved Threads is a simple one:  “once loved, always loved”

Often imitated but never duplicated, We put a lot of love into our Frock Swaps to ensure that every swap is set-up boutique-style for easy swapping and we pre-screen all the clothing that comes in (on average, over 1,500 items each swap!) to make sure that each item is fashionable and wearable!

Various local charities benefit from the swap, as we donate all leftover fashions to organizations that need clothing.


Marjolyn Dimapilis & Danielle Ow